Miracle Day!

NB: Posted later for the last Wednesday 21, September 2005.

Today is one heck of an eventful day.

I don’t know what it supposed to mean. Mostly good things still a miracle day. So many things had happened during the cause of nearly 8 hours. Good and bad, happy and sad, emotional and witty and as a whole I don’t know what to call it. Feel like a lifetime of events had happened on one fine day. I won’t believe that there will be another like this ever.

To name a few I can recall:

* Day started as you will see in my last post I tried the newest version of my favourite Graphics Suite Macromedia Studio 8 for the first time. The pieces of software out of which I make my living.
* Next in the morning Rani Aunt had little unnecessary case to step into a court.
* Hence I too tried walked into the court for the first time and virtually thrown out for my lack of awareness which my sin was I was wearing a T shirt. I was told I was not supposed to (?)
* Ruani’s father had a small stroke and hospitalised suddenly. Good, he was allright soon.
* My one of the best colleagues in the office has given his resignation.
* Gotta another good news from the office I’ve been waiting for sometime on top of my friend’s leaving news.
* I got my first replacement card from HSBC once after I lost my wallet last with all its possessions.
* For the wallet’s sake, tried to get a copy of the police complaint for license replacement which was unsuccessful
* Further more there was some hearts’ matters taken place.

Oh, What a Day to finish!

I will just write down these for safe keeping though I know will never forget this day. Hugh, funny sometimes how life takes us its rounds. I don’t know what to call it. A Miracle Day with equally balanced good and bad!


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