iPod nano? Nah, Not impressed.

This guy talks about all the hyped of new iPod nano, exactly that’s my point.

No nano


Read here the original post: iPod nano? Nah, Not impressed. Period.
Further reading here: What, Apple taking phone market. I wish.

I have talked about this long ago here: Digital Convergence

And now I own a Treo 650, I feel I am getting there, almost.

It’s just a matter of somebody is making a standard on these devices. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Plam and Microsoft stand a better chance, but Apple owns the class. Who’s gonna merge this is the question of the hour.

The iPods case is “Those 99.9% of the universe is just there in US, if you get out if US, the player is the mobile phone”
I know here in Colombo I have seen more Treos and Sony Ericssons than iPods.


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