Feeling lost and pennyless

Last Sunday was unforgettable.

I have felt helpless in life quite a few number of times but this kind of thing I can never recall.

In the morning I had lost my wallet somewhere along the way to back to a near by shop. Carring the wallet in those big pocketted lose night shorts was my sin. Driving licence, bank cards, from few references to the last penny I owed in hand had gone. Wierd I have never given such an importance to a wallet until the day. Being on Sunday banks are closed and penny less makes you got nothing much to worry though my lovely friends had lend me some pocket money for survival.

This is the exact one I had photographed sometime back. All its possessions are now gone.

With no identities to prove me, just like born in to exile is a funny feeling. Major hassle was losing the driving licence. Sri Lankan Police is utterly useless they didn’t at least offered me a some sort of authorised document for me to temporary use as an identity.
If I drive and caught they’ll sure give me a ticket me for not having a licence it is as though I purposely lost it. Gosh!

I am not sure of what the procedures to get it back. I am sure more hassle is on my way. Police just asked me to wait a week to see whether some good heart will return it but I doubt that. In contrast none of the bank cards were a problematic they immediately canceled them and will issue me new ones within the cause of the week. The point is I can be without bank cards but not the  licence. Authorities never undersand or look into these matters. Our procedures are dumb and useless.


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