Kotte Perehera Season

Sri Lanka is full of nice cultural events since the early days. Perehera (processions) is such a thing which held in various parts of the country while Kandy Perehara being the most famous processions from my home town way up in the hill capitol.

Fake footers

Even though our people boast much about these cultural things none is really geared to preserve the traditional values much. Being commercialised most of these events now lack the former glory and the talents as I’ve seen them during my childhood days. Anyway it is still interesting.


Now it is the Kotte Perehera season (The area where I hang around mostly). I was not keen on standing up hours and watch this by the sides of the jam packed road though I had no choice since my gang deosn’t leave me alone. So last night we watched it. Surprisingly it was nice because of the place we’ve got with less crowd making it memorable event to watch. So I wished I would have shown it to my friend Ruani too who hasn’t seen this type of things. Any other times I remember we just unable to watch it peacefully with the too much crowd hovering around and  watching girls go pass by was the only interesting part. 🙂

Firemen Dancing

Final two days anyway it is nearly impossible to watch cos all roads get packed up with by standing people. You only see the backs and do the head count then. I don’t wanna do that.

This time no hussle at all. I wished I had brought my camera with me than the phone’s lousy one. It captures nothing in detail. Still enjoy the Perehera men doing their dance.


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