A moment with my Treo

Even after having my Treo for nearly three months, my fun with it doesn’t seem to fade away yet. With this tiny in hand computer I always find something interesting.

Here’s my last weekend with the Treo

I was into Kandy last week for a vacation. And I found the Treo can be an indispensable partner for the occasion.

No net, no TV (I am not a TV fan at all)  means you will spend your time what it supposed to be, on vacation mood. So generally after all the family chit chat and stuff are over there you still get aplenty of time to spare, One can have 1-2 hours in the bed for oneself. I normally either listen to the radio/ my iPod or sometimes read something in those times.

Our distant corner room where I stayed got nothing but a basic room. So I was free to play with the Treo. I knew this moment would come so I had kept my things ready. I had configured and tested the Treo with Mobitel’s GPRS. I had shrinked down, copied the full Robots movie in Divx format to the Treo SD card. I always have nearly 100 songs in it in MP3 format in it. So I was more than ready for a solitary adventure with my Treo which I don’t get much when I am in the city.

This was the test time to check how my Treo fair on this “all in one” device category.

I connected to the net easily. Checked my gMail account, browsed my normal reading sites like LBO. MyTreo Net and CNET News sites, checked my bank whether the salary has been updated and the credit accounts. Then ckecked the last mobile  bill payment I have made. All went flawless. I even download a couple of ringtones and small applications for the Treo to test. Connection is steady and experience is good.

Browsing wasn’t on far with a desktop due to the tiny screen, means a lot of scrolling but I still could managed to get pretty much the same things I do in daily basis on a desktop. cool.

Robots Movie

And thereafter with TCPMP Divx Player I watched the whole Robots movie in my bed and finally fall into sleep.

Umm… sounds not bad for what a phone can do nowadays… hugh?


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