I know this idea is very debatable.

Say how much would you care about a regular used day to day perfume?

The pictures here and below shows two things I’ve got recently. Gifts. In the face value they may be worlds apart, for the sake of giving I value the both alike, and what they mean to me is a whole lot different story. Here I am not trying to count the teeth of a free given horse. But this gives me the seeds to talk about something I like, gifts, and how they value in the society we live in.

People use various measures to give themselves a class and a status in the hope of prestige. For me the value of something like this depends on just the idea of giving and the person who is in the question. Other than that I don’t really care about the brand, the price or the class it comes with. Honestly I don’t see a difference on whole lot things as long as they do the job it suppose to do. Gifted, given or brought it, whatever.

Say for an example how many people around you could tell you that what kind of perfume you are wearing? The best they can get, Huh! you have changed/ wearing a new perfume like mere something.

This sounds just the same in bigger scale say whether you own a Toyota or a BMW. At least those are seemingly distinguishable by the general people or so I hope, means generally anyone would look at and say, Aha.. it’s a BM. But even my argument about that generic notion of cars goes wrong when I think of my best friend. If we excuse her for being a girl and not interested about automobiles, still this clashes with the guys’ general notion that you can win any if you drive a one. With my friend I know it wouldn’t be the case. She would only see it as just another car which takes you from A to B.

So asking to differentiate something form someone, say a perfume, serves no purpose unless he/she in the trade. Nobody is in our office out of 40 people would ever be able to name the perfume I’ve wearing even if I ask. Noone would ever give a damn. It’s just a refreshment. For that anything that smell nice would do. So what’s the point adding a fortune to the thin air is the question I ask myself.

For me (for most who parallel to my thinking) spending a such amount over something that goes nowhere looks plain darn stupid.

There are still isolated sections in society that still gives a big deal over where your are from, what you wear, the brands and so on. And they take it as the class or the status. But what most don’t know is those things, the prestige, can not be brought from, unless one really earns it. Still in general globalization and busy lifestyles even these “can be brought by status simbols” have played havocs. So many look alike brands, products have lost their status in the vast taste of consumer preferences. There are names which still holds the crown for prestige but not like the good old days I remember.

There was a time that my household was truly ‘It’s a SONY’ story. The TVs, the VCRs, Cassettes, Walkmans you name it. Now not a single bears the Sony name. But in fact out user experience has never gone down but improved. So I don’t care if it is an Apple iPod or a cheap Taiwan product or some designer wear which bears big name as long as they do what they suppose to.

So back to the gift story, when you think of presents I (most guys I hope) prefer tangible things than intangibles, the person than the brand and the use than its price.

And still gifts should be untouchables which just lie in your memory.


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