Dreaded but treaded – Treo Custom ROMs

If you do speak the language, then the Custom ROM may sounds familiar. Technically speaking, one of the most powerful but dreaded feature of the Palm OS is Custom ROMs.

It used to be a thing in the past. Tools like JackFlash might have gone to extinction. Because none of the recent SONY CLIE or PalmOne devices had the ROM update capability for a casual user. Things did changed when they released my lovely Treo 650 and it’s updates.

A smart guy comes as Shadowmite figured how they do it in the Treo factory and shared the knowledge. So we can all do it in house. The story is a long one.

All I want to say is today I myself took the plunge with my newly brought Treo Beauty. Whoa! Now it still runs Palm OS plus my favourite applications without installing any! He he heeeeeeeeee!

The term Custom ROM derives from the ability to include whatever the software applications you want to have in your device, rather than having them installed later, just as the factory fitted way. Cool but the process ain’t for the faint hearted. Should something go wrong, your most precious tool will end up just being a paper weight.


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