DVDs on Treo 650 is a whisk

Getting videos on the Treo is much much easier than you originally thought. Watching movies on the move is fun to kill the time.

The process of getting DVD content:

1. Step one would be ripping a DVD movie to your PC as VOB files that is easy and straight forward.

I use DVD Shrink for that and it will take 15/25 mins depending on the movie length.

2. Then resize it to Treo’s 320X320 screen as AVI/ MPEG4 movies.

Using PocketDivxEncoder this will take another 20-40 mins

The resize process gives you an additional bonus of a full DVD movie being shrunken roughly to 250MB in size. So you can put a full movie even on a 256MB SD Card.

Then copy the movie to your SD Card, if you have a fast card reader that will help.

Bingo! now you are all set to watch your favorite movie, documentary in a cab or a train or a plane or in your favorite weekend hideout.

I use TCPMP Player to play movies on the Treo.

This is awesome. Actually getting a VCD done from a DVD to watch in a VCD player is more of a tedious process than this.


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