More than what I bargained for – Beautiful Treo 650

With merely just over two days of use I realized my lovely new Treo is more than what I bargained for. Cool!

Chan Treo 650

With the exuberant exotic number of software titles from basic memo to barcode reader utilities available for Palm OS, such a compact device which is combined more processor power than my early old Celeron 300MHz Windows PC. It is truly an engineering feat.

Here’s that best extracted from my Treo experience!

SMS has come to age! Email too!
SMS and Email

SMS Chat Just like Yahoo! Chat.
SMS Chat

MP3s,WMA and OGG playback is a whisk just like in Winamp.
MP3 Palyer

Or if you prefer iTunes flavour instead.

Full length movies MPEG4, AVI or 3GP and H.263(HDTV) at your disposal.
MPEG4 Movie Playbcak
(OK I agree it’s a shame to play DVDs in this tiny screen)
Still I can hype and wow my friends regardless. The screen’s physical size (4.5X4.5cm) is roughly the size of these images appear in a Windows 96DPI monitor but has double the resolution (320X320) where as these images are 160X160. So it is one of the crispiest, if not the best, LCD screens you can find these days.

Famous Palm PIM applications and a thousand add-ons.
Palm Apps

Palm OS applications glore!
Palm Apps more
(With of cause additional Treo only utilities for a mobile.)

See the things that I can do with that tiny little blinking LED!

Basic but always ready digital still/ video camera, audio recorder and imaging apps.

Upto 2GB(yet) tiny-winy SD storage cards.
SD Card

Tiny but very usable full function keyboard.
Treo Keyboard

With full keyboard 70 combinations. QuickLaunch an application or number is snap.

Hot swappable battery just like any other mobile phone. But to your knowledge until this day Palm OS needed continuous flow of power to retain its memory, even on general computers as you know it, unless you save and shutdown after what you do. Palm users know a Palm OS is just like your ordinary TV set that you never have to wait until it boots-up or save anything. You always can pick up from where you left off. Plus, if you may, now you don’t even have to HOTSYNC it. Its called some geek NVFS (None-Volatile File System) which retains wahtever you do even the power goes off. I am sure Windows will be made this way someday.

GPRS/EDGE enabled quad band global GSM phone plus a PDA. No more carrying two devices and their chargers and connectors along with you. Single beautiful solid unit. More over you can switch the GSM Radio ON/OFF regardless the PDA so it can easily be used in flights or near sensitive electronics.

So I am having fun with may new Handspring PalmOne Treo 650
Wow! Just as its long name Treo looks like the ultimate digital Nirvana I’ve been waiting for.

Excited? Want to have one? Yeah, I was once too 🙂


One thought on “More than what I bargained for – Beautiful Treo 650

  1. Having had just a quick look at your new Treo, I can see why you like it so much. Almost makes me want one too. Have fun!

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