I was upgraded – My Beautiful Treo 650

Last week I truly felt like I was being upgraded.

Chan Treo 650

I was upgraded from one time all the wonderful Sony CLIE-SJ33 PDA, Nokia 6610 mobile phone and Apple iPod to Palm Treo 650 Smartphone.

I have been waiting this baby to come for nearly 6 months. First I tried to get it down from US but various issues popped up. So I ordered it through the local vendor (more expensive though) then he too got stuck with his consignment for nearly over a month at the customs for it’s being a communication device which never heard of by Sri Lankan customs.

Finally the long wait is over. Now the cool new Treo 650 is in my proud  possession.

Once its in my hand it almost felt like a phone, not a PDA or a mini computer which is more likely. The form factor is just right. Built for solidity, the capacities of the Palm OS, combined global GSM phone, it is practically an extension to the hand. A miniature laptop on the go.

From basic phone call functions to SMS,MMS,GPRS,EDGE to the Net, MP3,AVI,MPEG4 to all the capabilities of Palm OS software titles available to date.

I am truly wowed! Kudos to Palm Inc. for making such a wonderful piece of electronics brain when Nokia dominates for the smartphone throne.

Well, This is surely gonna keep me busy for the weeks to come. Learning and playing with it will surely distract my schedules. Yes! I love gadgets and this experience is heaven given.

Read more about Treo here. I’ve gotta go to play with it!


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