Converged Digital Age – Windows XP

There was a time that everybody seems to hate Bill Gates and blame Windows for every darn problem with PCs. But I thinks it is his and his company’s success that everyone was envy at.

Being somewhat in the software trade I know how difficult it is to make programs work perfect. A product has various life cycles in real world before its coming to age. So was Windows. Nobody can blame it.

Specially a computer operating system like Windows which is supposed to support all the universal peripherals, you always got something to fix one over the another. Then the Internet came in and with the wonderful wired world it made this task a rather daunting one.

I was once upon a time a Mac fan though now a complete Windows junkie obviously due to the vast pool of software titles available to the Windows world. I grew up and learned my my way of living out of self assembled cheap Wintel machines where my first company couldn’t afford any Machinations or its pricey software titles even though our company was a design company.

We had had enough problems with Windows in from good old days. From 95 to 98. But main thing was for whatever the task at we found a particular piece of software to get the job done. It was more than what we bargained for as a start-up company.

So my company and I myself adopted Windows with its inherited fiasco.

Therefore when Microsoft released Windows 2000 it was the heaven we have been waiting for. Regular crashes, devices and connectivity problems suddenly seems to be a thing in the past. Windows 2000 had universal hardware support, better memory management, easier connectivity and a cleaner look than any of the previous Windows versions and it ran all the software titles written for the 9X and NOT world.

Then the Windows XP came in with ClearType Font Rendering Technology being its by far best feature for design oriented guy like me and to the on-line reading generation.

So now for me it looks like the end of the line. This is the heaven I expected to have when I first touched the Mac Classic and then the Windows 3.1 back in 80s. Now my iPod from Apple, Treo 6 50 from PalmOne with Windows my e-XP-erience complete now.

Wow! it feels wonderful to be in this converged digital age!


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