Office DVD Club

Two years back when I got my DVD home theater system no wonder I got totally addicted to the quality of the movies which I get the chance to watch in DVD format. Crystal clear sound and near perfect picture leaves VHS and VCDs were a thing in the past.

But for a while good DVD titles were scarce here in this part of the world. Then later I got introduced to one of the video parlors in Nugegoda area which had some decent collection of DVD movies for rent. He too had run out of movies or rather I watched all he’s got over the last year or so.

Then lately my player was just lying idle most of the time.

So this is a very timely thing that our office guys have come up with a office DVD Club. We’ve got nearly 100 good movies at the moment. We collect some membership fees and out of per rental basis we can increase the collection over the time.

The good thing is now I can cut down my trip to the video parlor and keep the movies I borrow for a while to leisurely watch them. Bingo!

So here are the few good movies I recently watched from our collection.
The Flight of the Pheonix
The Notebook
Biotechnical Man


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