Why SONY missed the fun?

When I think of my past posts and the SONY electronics devices I’ve own. I see a trend that one last SONY device is going to exile from the family. We have had SONY stuff since1979. From a small transistor radio to TV, VCR, VCD, Amp, CDs, Stereos we have had many SONY gadgets. As a matter of fact we loved them. The last to own by me is my CLIE SJ-33.

SONY's First Transistor Radio TR-55

SONY was a remarkable company. But I don’t think even SONY could figured out that how they got missed many best things in the digital era. Anyway it is no longer a secret once a electronic giant has lost its name to unsuspected rivals like Apple Computer and Samsung.

Truly SONY took the first steps of today’s many technologies but now shutting down the same once a thriving businesses one after another.  I think the problem is, even  though they made some industry standards, they were pushing proprietary stuff too much. It was plainly stupid they were mostly trying to re-invent the wheel rather than adopting the exsisting standards. Using MemorySticks when there’s SD cards, Using some weird ATRAC3 instead of famous mp3 for music are just a few examples of these. In the process forgot how or what the end customer wants. Too bad but good lesson for any tech savvy company.

So there you go. They have so many patents and technologies that they could’ve virtually rockend the world. From Betamax, MiniDisk, MemoryStick to CLIE, they all in history. Failures. Now even shutting down their famous Trinitron CRT TV/ Monitor business for new comers like LG, DELL, Gateway, Samsung and Chinese manufacturers.

Even the digital camera segment they have made their name now looking blank when the pro-sumer digital camera business is booming. Since they don’t have any answers to Canon’s Rebel or Nikon’s Digital SLR series.

The only remaining SONY dominance I can think of is the PlayStation. Soon Microsoft’s XBox will kill it too.


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