Bias, baseless and funny!

Sometimes it is funny to see when bullshit get a nice moke up.

Quoted from MobileRead thread. Read the article here in question.

“Believe it or not, but PDA sales are breaking records. At least if you follow Gartner’s latest research report:
Do the math

Worldwide personal digital assistant (PDA) shipments totaled 3.4 million units in the first quarter of 2005, a 25 percent increase from the same period last year, according to Gartner, Inc. This was the strongest first quarter the industry has experienced.

Of course I’d be more than happy to believe the story. Didn’t we all talk about the imminent death of the PDA the other day? Now look at that. A 25% growth to a total of 3,419,112 PDAs shipped in 1Q05.

Look closer. And here is why this report is not worth a plugged nickel:

Notes: Totals do not include smartphones, such as the Treo 650 and BlackBerry 7100, but include wireless PDAs, such as the iPAQ 6315 and Nokia 9300.

Since when is Nokia a PDA vendor? If I remember correctly, Nokia has never referred to any of its products as a PDA. Smartphone! Nokia talks about smartphones. And adding the Nokia 9300 to the lists and leaving out the Treo 650? How absurd.

The cat is out, now tell me who is sponsoring Gartner’s statistics?”

Hugh 🙂 the article has raised quite a bit of sound even here.


One thought on “Bias, baseless and funny!

  1. I am the same anonymous who was critical about advertising industry being run by low level people. Chandana, what I wanted to point out was that education, apart from in a proffessional field is quite a measure of intellectual capacity rather than learning some theory. In A/L and O/L we try to asses a person’s abolity to assimilate and apply knowledge. So a person less capable of dealing with knowledge is given a lower place in tradional education system. Such a person no matter what field [eg advertising] he chooses tends to cling to his lower intellectual capabilities which manifests as lack of crativity. This together with forced invasion of low Indian culture by Sirasa TV etc are the causes of the pathetic [many may not realise] state of our media + advertising industries.

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