Re-Discover your music

Once after getting the iPod Shuffle my music experience has improved quite a lot.

Before this thing came along my songs collection just lied there in the PC without much of use. I used it most of the time though it was the same songs I listened repeatedly.

With this Shuffle holding nearly 8 hour of music (512 MB) in a such a nice package. Now it is so easier to fill up,  listen and manage my 2000 odd songs collection. Suppose with average one hour listening Shuffle will hold enough songs and battery for a week or more. This is so perfect for my bed time since as a habit either I listen to the radio or watch a movie at night. When the both ain’t got anything interesting the Shuffle is my savier.

I have nearly 95 hours of songs collection in the PC. Even played back to back it will take quite a bit of time to finish listening to the whole collection without repeating.

iTunes filling the iPod

iTunes keep track of the songs you put into iPod and their play count. So I can always have a different selection when I refill it for the next time. So no manual copying needed like any other mp3 players which leaves all of them in the dust. I love this. So cool!

Nearly 30 years after SONY invented the Walkman, Apple got it perfected for the digital generation.

All I want to say is suddenly I have found new means to make use of my long music collection. Surprisingly there were even couple of nice new songs I didn’t even know that they were there . Hugh! 🙂


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