It’s not a SONY!

When I got my long waited iPod delivered last week I figured it is more like a piece of designer wear than a MP3 Player.

First time in my life I am having a none SONY device that is so solid, so cool, so nice, design, performance and in many aspects.

At first I was doubtful how can MP3 Player can be cool without a display. How I am gonna see which song is playing. In contrast a CD has song list printed at back and the player will at least show the track number, radio DJs says the names of the songs playing. But this iPod Shuffle got no indicator to know at least whether a song being played or not.

My iPod Shuffle

But do you need all that? Soon I knew this is the simplicity at its best with a tad bid of intelligence inbuilt. It plays mp3 better than my retired CLIE shown alongside which has 320×320 by screen.

  • iPod Shuffle charges itself from the USB socket
  • Knows whether a headphones are connected or not
  • If knocked off knows where you left off
  • Knows how to shuffle or play songs in order.

If that is not enough welcome to the iTunes. You get the best music management software on earth. Smart Lists and Auto Fill gives so much life, intelligence and simplicity to iPod Shuffle you will soon wonder why did you ever wanted a display at all.

Once iTunes fills iPod with songs from your collection, Listening them either way in order or random it is all your music. You collect them at the very frist place because you like them. There you go, there’s no need for a display, you just hit the play button, skip free continues flow of your favourite music will be at your disposal.

The only thing I hated about iPod is the supplied headphones. The sound quality is good though it is a lousy design, does not fit well in ears, too big and painful to keep wearing.

So instead I use a SONY pair! 🙂


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