Pictures Kandy or is it?

Sometimes it is very strange to see what time does during its course. It’s been nearly ten years since I left my home town Kandy and many things have changed their face over the time. Certain places have ceased to exist and no longer there as I knew them. In certain places time have ceased to exist and still remain just as the old days. Hardly with the former glory but may be somewhat gloomy and moody without much life.

There are good and bad side of this, if the places have historic value, it is ok they remain the same. If it is just an ordinary place those areas should be developed and look modernise. But what I see is that is not the case sometimes. The places should be preserved have been  destroyed. The places should be developed have been neglected, lost their former glory and now may be being deserted.

I don’t know why and I don’t miss anything but it feels sad to go back to the past, considering it merely a lost decade not a lifetime, still most of my childhood memories are now gone. This includes places and faces you never forget.

Only then I realise how precious a frozen moment of a camera can be.

Below is only two things I could capture on my lenses this time. I should take a dedicated tour with my camera just to preserve these memories from extinction one of these days.

Halloluwa Suspension Bridge
Halloluwa Suspension Bridge
It is just as the old days but almost gone to exile. I had to struggle to find where it was. Now even the main road goes bypassing it.

Gannoruwa has changed its face for a better look and a quicker cross.

It’s good that they have romeved the sideby shanties at Kadugannawa and cleared the scenic view but still dumped garbage can be seen alongside the hills.

Meanwhile the Kandy town itself has changed it’s landscape a lot though no pictures yet.


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