See Lankan Food Festival without any food!

This is another weird thing about this country called See Lanka.

Last night I bump into a seasonal food fair they were having at Viharamaha Devi Park in Colombo with my friend. We were hungry and just passing by having seen the Food Fair we thought we may have something for the dinner and went in.

Guess what?

Forget about the dinner, there was nothing edible for us to eat. We could only find some peasants and a little kottu spot which you will anyway find in any fair.

Can you believe this, this is suppose to be a FOOD FESTIVAL but without any real food. All they were having was the things which you use to make foods out of. Spices, trickle, jams, athirasa (deserts) and even designer plates like stuff. Worst part was there were more clothes, fancy item and jewelry like totally irrelevant stalls but not a single food stall. Grrrrr!

Anyone who is familiar with the park knows this stall area is surrounded by nice lush green garden and trees that can accompany hundreds of dining tables and couple of food stalls. Imagine when there were none!

So I myself brought a towel, my friend brought some bottles of jam and we came out starving after going to see a Sri Lankan Food Festival. Gosh!


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