The two cleaner duos – Registry and Crap Cleaner

These are real gems. I never realized how much garbage a computer could gather even with a careful use.
Specially if you use IE for browsing and do a lot of unmonitored installs and uninstalls you’ll obviously end up with so many unnecessary files and start up entries stacking up in your system.

These thousand of unnecessarily file includes of Temp Files, Log Files, Cached Files and History Files left by poorly written software which forget to clean them when they quit. Computers ever slower and slower is the bounty of this.

Solutions ?

Well, I found two. Meet the two Cleaner duos

CCleaner – (C stands for Crap Files)
It cleans up and cleanses almost all the unwanted physical files in your system which includes temp, cache, log and history files. For your knowledge it freed up nearly per60MB from my C drive when I first run it.

Download CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization 

RegCleaner – (Reg stands for the Registry)

Deleted file paths, Application left overs by poor uninstallers everything leaves unnecessary entries and traces in the Windows Registry. Manual alteration of the registry is deadly. So fire up this beauty make it removed them all. It will mark all your unnecessary entries safer for deletion.
You can even define what registry entries should run at start up or in the New Files context menu.

Unfortunately the free version which I use is no longer available in the author’s site. You may still find it elsewhere if you do a Google search for “RegCleaner by Jouni Vuorio” which is only 541 Kb in size.



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