Chinese Cabinet Ministers!

This is another email I’ve got about the names of the Chinese Cabinet Ministers. Cool!

The Minister of Postal Dept. – Mr. Lium Kium
The Minister of Transport – Mr. Payin Yang
The Minister of Defence – Mr. Sune Sung
The MInister of Health – Mr. Sanee Pen
The MInister of Media – Mr. Kium Kerum
The Minister of Broadcasting Dept. – Mr. Geyum Veyum
The Minister of Sports – Mr. Ping Pong (The game)
The Minister of Agriculture – Mr. Wawan Kan
The MInister of Finance – Mr. Hinga Kan
The Minister of Fisheries – Mr. Allan Kan
The Minister of Education – Mr. Pasal Yang
The Minister of Cultural Affairs – Mr. Urume Kan
The Minister of Bribery – Mr. Jarawa Kan
The Minister of Immigration – Mr. Horen Yang
The Minister of Employment – Mr. Kale Kan
The Minister of Tourism – Mr. Palayan Bung
The Minister of Construction – Mr. Bil Ding (Building in English)

In Sinhala, all have similar or related but a little insulting meaning;-)


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