Glory Nights!

Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing had recently held their annual ceremony to tribute the Sri Lanka’s best creative talents. SLIM Awards 2005.

The agency Leo Burnett had walked out with most of the Gold Medallions making it their Night of Glory. Congrats for you guys where I’ve got couple of friends working.

The Medals tally is as shown below.
SLIM Awards 2005
(Sorry 😦 the pictures are somewhat unclear)

Meanwhile I was trying to locate my early place Advantage Sri Lanka in the list. I know that they have gone through a change and must have altered their name which I wasn’t sure what.

Rediffusion Team

So if the guys in this picture is belong to Rediffusion DY&R, thats it. Those are some of my remaining old friends and teachers in advertising, from Suminda to Srinath gone now to JWT and elsewhere, shown are Ajith, Shafee, Ravi and the clan I used to work with. Cheers!

So the story goes. I remember I loved those magnificent nights. Until lately I used to get a free-in though not anymore since I am not in the trade and lost many of my contacts.

Anyway I hope that the next year at least someone will take me there back to the memories! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Glory Nights!

  1. All wonder why Sri Lankan media is full of distasteful and virtually purposeless advertiesments. I came up with a theory. It may be because in SL adveritsing and journalism are not fields where specially skilled people get into. Ok there may be a few but they also has come to that field ‘cos they have tried there hand in several fields rather unsuccessfully. So ads and media are 2 field which all “muck” of school leavers go. The reason for poor quality and prosuctivity. Your comments Chandana.

  2. Well, I rather leave a comment for someone who leaves a name behind;-) Anyway,

    I guess you are referring only the TV/Radio ads. If you look at all the press and print media campaigns mostly they are creative. Even those you have to differentiate as plain announcements and promotional type ads. Still you can’t blame on certain ads if you are not one of the target audiences either. The tone, the language, the theme will depend on whether the audience is a “gamarala”, a BMW driven WTC Executive to you the Anonymous.

    Since I’ve been in the trade for a while I know the main problem in advertising is TIME. Clients wants campaigns in The Eleventh Hour, or they want very creative campaigns changed upside down once finished. So most of the Creative Juce within anyone will not come out at that Very Needed Hour and the outcome is obviously a lousy one. That’s only human I guess.

    So somewhere along the line all the advertising firms try to maintain a balance between the time, the people, the quality and the delivery. This may not go hand in hand sometimes.

    Though I am not in the advertising trade anymore I will tell you the Golden Rule of Creativity no man, no teacher, no heaven could bring creativity to someone, it has to come within and if the other factors fall in place he will produce a nice output for an occation and may be not for another. So if you are the boss who is running the ad firm are you gonna fire him and go in search of new creative talents? No dear, It will not happen in the real world.

    And don’t take it on school leavers, don’t forget that we all have to start it from somewhere. Have you befallen from some …. what?

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