Long weekends and gas strikes

I love long weekends!

The problem is that they don’t come much too often. Still sometimes you get office work, promised stuff that you can’t get the best use of those.

Otherwise our guys normally come up with something for this kind of long weekends, a trip, get together, dance, karaoke session, something fun.

Until Friday nothing came up for this weekend. Probably all are busy except me. Bad seen. I just finished a project and a little bit of wild ride wouldn’t hurt much. When I was thinking that I am gonna be halted for the next three days, Amma called me.

There you are…

She needs couple of things get done and probably wants me to drive her around. So why not, can’t stay locked up in my annex, so I’ll be at home in Kandy for the weekend. Looks like I am gonna be grounded though she will probably keep me busy and pamper me that I wouldn’t mind in the least.

Note: This long weekend ultimately happened to be 5 days long since there was no diesel due to a gas strike.

Good! I don’t mind if there is no gas at all eternally, hugh ! 🙂


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