Just clean code – Dreamwever

I don’t know how I started liking it. As for as I know it never had any killer features out of the box. It was a plain vanila HTML editor as I knew it since the version 2. Still worse that the initial learning curve was cumbersome when I first got introduced myself to Dreamweaver.

I start developing web pages with NetObjects Fusion which was much like a DTP publishing tool and easier to learn. Easy placing of elements gives more control to a designer than a untidy table structure or so I thought. In that opinion Dreamweaver was there, nothing fancy, no obsession to go for. But very soon I realised Dreamweaver was producing a much more cleaner HTML code than anything else in the market. It was the best code generator around at that time, may be even today.

I guess that itself provided me enough reasons to use it, It was painful to make pages with it at first. Anyway I managed that period and finally stick with it. Even today I haven’t mastered it as such but I use it in every day basis. I make most of my living out of it.

Slowly it has become an indispensable partner for my work flow though I have literally taken it for granted from the beginning.

So I say it, It was a love hate affair though now I have made peace with Dreamweaver for my layouting tool.


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