Aldus Freehand – It truly was…

Eons ago I started my career as a Sinhala Copy Writer and happened to be in one of Colombo’s leading advertising firms. That’s where I found most of the things which helped me to get the shape of my life everafter.

Aldus Freehand is one of the things I am still in love with, still using since. This is a nice wrap up of the program’s history which now owns by Macromedia Inc.

 The Freehand Version 4 application icon

There were idle Macintoshes so I could play with Freehand. The version was 4 and then called Aldus Freehand. I watched our Graphics Designer was laying out his layouts and there were a plenty of time for me to do the catching up and do things on my own. My learning curve was quick. In two, three weeks I mastered it to a point where I could get our all work done. The actual preview of layouts is still not as cryspy as Adobe Illustrator but the learning curve may be easier for anyone who is intersted about DTP publishing.

I did a free learning. So I guess it gives a double meaning to Freehand. Later it was brought by Macromedia and still shines bright to this day.


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