A bend highway engineers forgot

Yesterday I was again into Ambilipitiya. A brief visit.

On our way back, in a nice long stretch of road, there is a bit of jam up due to a slow moving heavily loaded truck. Incoming traffic and we were doing 80 or so mph. It was not easy to do a over-take. You gotta be patient on our roads when there is just two lanes.

One fellow behind us made a such big racket. Horned, signalled, trying to over take. There was no safe way he could possibly go on. After few attempts my friend who was driving teased, OK you gotta vehicle that can fly. So here you go! He managed to sneak thro the 5–6 long vehicle queue and disappeared.

After 30 odd mins or so near Pelmadulla we saw the guy had straightened up a bend and flattened a wall which I guess highway engineers originally forgot to do so.

We felt sorry for the newly registered mint vehicle which is worth the 3-4 millions. sigh!

Note: For your knowledge, the air bags had gone off and the fellow was in one piece.


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