"Aublic" Transport System and my Scooty Pep

Sri Lanka’s Public Transport System is a disastrous mess. It’s never been in order as long as I can remember since my school days. We had been given School Season Tickets but I always ended up spending my meager pocket money for traveling.

Rattling rusty dusty smoked coaches, If you aren’t careful you are sure to get tetanus, seats are never washed or cleaned, jam packed, wants everyone in the block inside the bus, never on time, stops every darn corner, either eternally waits or tries to break the speed records if a rival comes behind, You go bending four times down or stretched out to two times of your height. You are free given all the ear drum breaking high pitched sweetest “Mal” songs or cheap FM Stations’ DJ biyla while the conductor’s marcial law voice loudly commands you to go “Passata”

Well, That was a total harassment just to cover mere 2 Km from my home to the office, and you gotta pay these bastards for suffering all those. So I decided to end it all. If the county can’t make things right, I will make it right for mysef. Period.

Option one: A vehicle is totally out of the question.

  • Mainly no point sitting on the clutch and shifting gears for long 25 mins just to cover 2 Km in the peak hours unless you are chauffeur driven.
  • They are here a really expensive proposition to own.

    So here comes my savier:


    I love my Scooty because:

  • No stopping whatsoever the blockades are.
  • You’ll get free air conditioning all the time. 
  • No clutch or messy gears to shift.
  • Gas indicator goes down only once a week.
  • Can carry up all my weekly shopping baggage.
  • 1/4 Cheaper than all my bus fairs combined with additional loitering.
  • Can take a loved one behind up and really close.
  • Sleek, curvy, modern and feminine.
  • And of cause “girls” do tend look at (wow factor!)
    • OK I admit I hate wearing the helmet but overall it was a sheer investment that is worth every penny I spent on it.

      * “Aublic” in Sinhalese will roughly means chaotic.


      One thought on “"Aublic" Transport System and my Scooty Pep

      1. Hi Mr Chandana,
        I am from DataOne where you used to work as your 1st job. I saw your site and showed it to Mr K. he was very happy to see it and was v impressed with your achivements. We still do the old business with some changes [eg win3.?? and access 1 gone]. I am now working here for 5.5years. Mail us on lanka007@softhome.net

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