Thieves, riots, druggists and burglars

This has become real nuisance lately. Neither we nor Police can catch who is responsible for this. This area was quite, peaceful and had no history of burglary that we know of, until now.

Now there is either organized or a random gang who breaks into houses and do the burglary. Last month we lost all four set of our vans’ signal lights set while they were parked inside the garden. It was nearly a Rs.16,000.00 fine for us to replace. We felt it was some drug adicts work for quick cash and complained the Police. But nobody was caught eventually.

Today some have done it agian. Luckily nobopy was harmed though they have broken into my aunt’s place and taken her jewelry and some other stuff.

Sniffer dogs, finger prints, left slippers and the Police came in but still no lead came out whatsoever to catch the culprits. It is like giving them a license to go for the next break in. I bet they will make a easy living out of it. Go ahead!

Unfortunately as everything else, Sri Lankan doesn’t seem to have any effective Criminal Investigation Unit in operation or rather give way to the political reasons. Crimes are at large but nobody is nailing them.

So we bare up our losses and live in fear. Anyone?


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