Pictures at Ease – FastStone Image Viewer

What is the most used application in your computer. Most will say the browser. Yeah! Being a graphics person and a photo lover my second most used application is also happened to be a browser, an image browser.

I thought I’ve tried everything on earth but finally like most of the folks settled with ACDsee. It is nice but as I have mentioned here I hate blotted programs. ACDSee version 6 was a mess. Completely a crappy code took ages to load. V7 is good but they are heading the way of Adobe Photoshop. 😦 So I was again in the look out for a bare bone Imave Viewer.

Then I found this beauty.

Welcome to FastStone Image Viewer


It is FREE. Only 2.5 MB in size.(Compressed) Supports all major graphics formats. It is easy to use for everyone from beginner to professional level, powerful and flexible enough just as ACDSee, even your collection grows by thousands daily. Other features include a full-screen image viewer with top thumbnail strip. And a lesser memory foot print which I adore.

Only thing which bugs me that I can’t tell it where to store its Thumbnail Data Base and can’t run in multiple instances. You know I ain’t like my Program Files folder being scattered with a ever growing huge image DB. I like the total control.

Anyway for an average user this is no brainer. Go, use it and give you PC a little more breathing boom.


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