Treo dream has to wait..

I’ve been eying new Treo 650, now it seems like ages. PalmOne had created unnecessary buzz but did not deliver the goods as such. There were so many drawbacks. One can see the follow up if he’s following this Treonauts Blog.

Following the memory issue there were the mistaken price debacle and the isabled DUN issue. And now the European model is being nearly 300 US$ pricier than the US model is another to the list.

And it seems that I won’t be able get any official Treo release here in this part of the world anytime soon.

But the Treo 650 is one heck of a true converged device that I do not want to miss. One can’t blame the Treo for PalmOne’s faults. So I will wait for a while and see if things improve whether I can bring down one from US

Still I’ve got to wait… sigh!


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