Size Matters – Foxit PDF Reader


As I said in the last post I hate blotted big programs.

Adobe is famous for this kind of memory hogging applications. Adobe Acrobat 6 was another sheer winner of slowness. How long does yours take to load?

May be this is because of their Plugin Architecture just like in Photoshop. Sure, plugins are handy. But how many do you need just to read a PDF document?

I wonder why Adobe had to keep all its programs so big. Why all the plugins are enabled by default? Why at least Acrobat Reader can’t be small and fast? Version 6 was a pain and the new Adobe Reader 7 is still 19 MB in size. So, like Photoshop I gave up that too.

Insted I use a small program called Foxit PDF Reader. Highly recommended piece of work.

Total installation is below 1MB mark. It loads furiously fast and got all the features an average user ever need do with a PDF file. what are the things I missed when I am not using Adobe Reader. Nice graphics? functionality ? I recall none. It’s only the Adobe name if I missed anything. Go figure here

I love Adobe and respect what they have brought to the industry as PDF.

But again I don’t use Acrobat.


3 thoughts on “Size Matters – Foxit PDF Reader

  1. Hi Supun,

    Glad you like it. It’s the best around.

    Now they have released a new version which is actually little more than 1MB with new set of PDF icons.


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