Features galore but… – Adobe Photoshop

As long as I can remember I was very particular about the size of the software I use. The bare bone size of the installation, the application and the heap exe allocation when it runs make all that matter to me to favour one app over the other.

I know we’ve got Ferrari speed breaking machines nowadys but I still get bugged if an application exe grows bigger than 2 MB limit. Remember the notion “Small is Beautiful” It sure is. For this argument some further reading can be found here

Welcome to Adobe Photoshop.

It’s truely a marvelous piece of work. It may be the Industry Standard. I respect and I have a fair for what its capabilities are. But its application exe size was 15MB when I last saw it. Installation is some 165MB. Oops!

So I don’t use it.

I can give you hundreds of good examples that how can an application be developed in small, streamlined and effective manner. I did a search in my local machine and found nearly 120 odd various utilities smaller than 100 KB. Not bad. Assembly Language is one hech of a way to write these blistering applications.

I love and want to use Photoshop but still don’t because of this. It’s too BIG, too SLOW to work on, features full but a simple selection is cumbersome. As a result I get all my graphics needs done elsewhere. No pain.


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