From DTP to Web Design – NetObjects Fusion 1998

I was into web design in 1998.

All the design tools I’ve known were Aldus Freehand & Adobe Photoshop by then. They were purely for Desktop Publishing and offered nothing else. So designing for web? I was wondering where to start from. Even the term “Web Design” was not heard of. Graphics king Photoshop didn’t know how to ”Save for Web” in either JPEG or GIF standards properly. I’ve used to the Freehand’s freedom and the precision for layouts. So HTML layouting was a daunting task. WYSIWYG editors were none or hard to come by. I call it the Dark Age. I could have almost given up my future career unless this sheer beauty came along.

Welcome to NetObjects Fusion. It has secured me a future and a way of life which I once dreamed. Bingo!

Though later I was switched to Dreamweaver for my design work, NetObjects Fusion was really a good tool for any new kid into the web design.


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