Ones and zeros, bits and pieces of my digital lifestyle

Years have elapsed since I started my love affair with computers, or I would rather say with the software which reside in those. I have grown up with these weird combinations of bits and pieces, ones and zeros that eventually forms a world of possibilities.

From Justin Frankel’s WinAmp to industry mammoth Adobe Photoshop have paved my way to a passion which I never figured that how far this rabbit hole would go.

Well, I ain’t complaining.  Since it was a nice journey and I am still continuing. So this is gonna be a lovely  appreciation for all those code writers, software makers who have made possible my life unimaginably joyous ride.

I have spent years, searching, finding, installing and learning those. So I may comment, give links, post reviews of those software which I found irresistible hoping that it would be helpful to someone, someway.



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