MP3 Organising Dilemma!

How many mp3s files you’ve got at your disposal?

I’ve nearly got 7 GB of mp3 music library on my local machine which was a real nightmare to keep them all sorted out properly and pick one for an occasion, Untill now.

If you install an application like Apple iTunes it will make finding the right music is a snap, granted only if you’ve gotta properly named and tagged music library. Since we collect our mp3s from random sources, the order is the last thing  you can expect from these files.

Inconsistent file names, wrong tag data, misspellings, WeiRd CAsE, weird chars you name it. This makes even iTunes can’t handle these files properly.

I got really really fed up with this situation and spend days Googling all the web looking for tools to easily sort and rename these files at large. After nearly two days of search I finally came up with two sheer winners that help me to come out of this mp3 mess.

The two pieces of software that helped me to get this thing done is namely:
a free general file re-naming tool called BulkRename and the mp3 naming tool called UltraTag Editor.

Wow! now I have properly named and tagged neat mp3 library located in one of my local drives ready to be iTuned any way I want. Let it be the Genre, Artist, Album or whatever I can simply locate them in a second.

So, If you too suffer this mp3 phobia, it may take a while to get the hung of these software and get your collection sorted but it really worth the effort since it’s only a one time job. Go and try these babies.


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