Hell struck home – Help needed, please…

Yesterday’s tsunami was one of the worst and the first in history which swept Sri Lankan shores killing thousands.

The destruction is staggering, unbelievable.

The worst part is we have never been prepared, never heard of this kind of disaster unless in movies. Lost so many lives in a sudden flush of water. We were a thousand miles away from tsunamis until now. You have absolutely no defense against huge raging sea wave at land, somthing that you have never heard of in your life, no sign, no alerm, no rain, no warning, nothing unusual, it’s the same serene sea you sit beside and enjoy for hours. Suddenly tossing and crushing its raging waves in a Day After Tomorrow like blockbuster movie which came out of nowhere. People didn’t realised they were hitting a wall of death.

So I leave this note in memory of all those lives we lost today. May you all attain ‘Nirvana’ and rest in peace.

Deceased, missing and survived list can be found here

The government has declared a state of emergency to aid the displaced and the dead but this is by no means a thing a country like Sri Lanka can cope with alone.

So please, you the international community do help us, send us whatever the aid you could grant to the Sri Lankan Government.

We are urgently in need of medicines, ready to eat food , sanitary items, body bags ect.

Some support hotlines could be reached

Humanitarian Relief
       c/o MTV Channel (Pvt.) Ltd.
       No. 146, Dawson Street
       Colombo 2
       Sri Lanka.
   Sirasa Network 


Doners A/C Number :  
     Hatton National Bank
     Head Office Branch
     479, T.B. Jayah Mawatha
     Colombo 10
     Sri Lanka

Online Doners http://www.me.lk/doner.asp

Essential drugs needed can be found here

More links can be found here

Or your Sri Lankan embassies can be contacted.

But this is soon gonna be a nation into remaking. So please do help these relief work in progress by any means you could.

Tsunami: [Japanese] Tidal waves created after a sea quake

Galle Bus Staion




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