Sinhala GNU/Linux OS can be downloaded

These is a long due necessity. It is a pleasure to see that the Sinhala Unicode has become a world standard and now there are emerging wave of Sinhala software we can easiliy use without hassle.

Earlier we have to install proprietary components, dongles and fonts if we wanted to make use of any of the few Sinhala software. There is even an Optical Character Recognition software for Sinhala though I can’t remember the URL.

The latest things is Sinhala GNU/Linux 0.1 OS, a Linux Sinhala clone that can be downloaded at the given address. Though I am not much of a LINUX fan and ain’t know nothing about this geek OS I am really impressed. These LKLUG guys have done a really good job turning Linux to run in our Sinhala language.

Here’s a screenshot. If you like Linux go take the plunge and enjoy Windows free world.

Sinhala Linux application


2 thoughts on “Sinhala GNU/Linux OS can be downloaded

  1. Hi, nice blog. I’ve been trying to find a decent Sinhala program for a long time. Currently I’m using ‘Singlish’, a program that converts Sinhala phonetically written in English characters. But it uses its own font and I can’t do any formatting. You got something that can fit nicely into Word (a plugin, perhaps)? Or at least something that can put out a RTF file? Or at least a unicode font with Sinhala in it?

  2. Well, HNL, Thanks for the remark. Well, truly I am not much into Sinhala typing though.

    Anyway as far as I am aware there are no free plugins as yet. But to help you out, I can direct you to a commercial Sinhala Packages which are marketted by and websites.

    These works well in all the Windows applications. I have used Thibus even within my designer tools like Flash without any hassle. You can use the Wejesekara or the Phonetic keymapping to type.

    They come with aplenty of nice Sinhala Fonts Collection. Even I can send you coulple of nice sinhala fonts I use for my work. But you can’t type certain chars without a Sinhala driver.

    You can email them and ask about their pricing for personal use.

    Hope this helps…

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