Mobitel lines keep dropping

This is absurd. We’ve got 4 GSM operators in the country. They make all the hype in the world. We were playing with SMSs years before the US counterparts send their first SMS. Okay true enough but our networks are still sluggish. None covers island in one phase. Batteries won’t last when you go out stations (okay that is the technology). No signal when you are about to die in some Bintenna place.

I switched to Mobitel GSM after having enough issues with Dialog GSM during the 1998 to 2003 period.

Now Mobitel calls are too keep dropping even when you are stationary in Colombo for no reason. It’s hard to hang on for more than two three minutes sometimes. Sigh!

Dialog had this issue of network congestion due to over subscription and they got their switches updated lately. Anyway I switched and they lost me.

Now Mobitel, are they too trying to allocate more users in the network? But it does not seem to be a congestion issue. It is a problem of switching the cells we are in it seems. The phone keep changing its cell even when you are stationary and calls drop during the transfer, we noticed. OK you gave us the choice of knowing the cell we are in. I checked everybody around me experience the same. We even switched the phones to see with no success. So it’s gotta be a network problem. Anyone ?

So you guys at Mobitel, I know you work hard to keep up your cutting EDGE, but would you please improve your network so we can make uninterrupted calls, the phone’s basic function first.

I do still have another two operators if I really want to try. Anyway I was happy with you and I had slightly better customer experience with you guys. So I guess we’d better keep it that way, Aren’t we?


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