Connecting People

The Internet has made connecting people so easy in a way our parents’ never even have imagined.

People here who have never touched a computer goes to Internet parlors to take Net2Phone calls. Soon it’ll be VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones.

For some the Internet means purely chat.

Chatting has stormed the Internet from the beginning. And there are a million chat cliants out there. Trillian, M2, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL you name it. It was nice to keep company with.

They are so famous and now even double as essential business tools apart from their initial appeal to the Internet new comers and teenagers.

Personally I never used any of until recently. I felt it’s just wasting time typing useless dialogue with strangers. Mostly due to the slow but expensive dialup lines we had. It was even painful when we go voice streaming. So I spend all my online time reading and learning and searching, something worthwhile. When you got dialups chatting sucks.

It all changes when you gotta fast DSL line. It all changes when someone you know closely goes abroad. Suddenly chatting makes practicale sense.

Now Udani from Canada, Ruani from Fitch Ratings, Nuwan from UK buzzing me. The best thing is nobody’s gonna pay a penny over phone bills.

Wonderful isn’t it?


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