AdSense makes cents

Yesterday, when I login to the Blogger, They threw at me their latest innovation, AdSense. That’s what you see now under my profile and recent posts saying “Ads by Google

I’ve been studying this, AdSense makes much sense over the taditional web banner advertising because they are:

  • Relevant
    Will cover your subject, search or the interests
  • Text based
    They won’t eat up your bandwidth
  • Yields more results
    So you will have more choices
  • No hijackers or spammers allowed
    Your computer will be healthier
  • Reliable
    Comes from the guys who made possible Google and gMail
  • A win win thing
    You will find something you want, someone will make a penny out of it
  • Utilises proven Google intelligence inbuilt
    So you can relax and do enjoy your web experience

Read on…

How often have you clicked on a distracting popup banner on a webpage?

If you like me, you would probably say “never” because we’ve learned all those banners were irrelevant, distracting, useless and sometimes happened to be browser hijacks, spam and virus sources.

So we left them in the dust. Period.

Now, think of Google, thing of gMail, think of AdSense, things have changed.

When was it Google did not return you answers that did not satisfy your search?

Has it ever failed you on your search, if it ever was on the web?

Mind you, since I have mastered the art of “search” for the last 5 years or so, If you know how to do a search, you gonna find anything on mankind and beyond, if it is connected to the net and given an IP address. Period.

So the answer is again gonna be “never” on this.

The net is useless without being able to “search”. So here comes Google, I respect for what it has done to the net. Look at the dictionary, now we don’t do “search” anymore but “google” instead.

Need more convincing?
They have cached “4,285,199,774” web pages in their vast RAM pool right at this moment as I write this. It’s more less the whole web.

I have used dogpile, yahoo, altavista, msn, alltheweb, excite, kartoo and what else? but nothing yields fast results as rellevant as Google does when it comes to a search.

I lived and made my life around the net. If it wasn’t Google, I will still manage but life wouldn’t be this easy. No way.

I’ve been using gMail for months now. Mind you, it’s by for the best responsive mail I ever used. With whoping 2GB + storage you can’t beat it.

So likewise AdSense, it is too there to stay. Because it’s one heck of a new innovative business model over the industry old web banner advertising. It takes in everyone into account. So if you find anything intersting here, you can click on one or two ads and pass a penny to me too.

Even if not, just relax, do enjoy your journey.
Life is beautiful. Cheer up!


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