CDU Accounts

I wasn’t the worst in my high school Math class though numbers and figures were something that never took my interest.

Still don’t understand much of the accounting jargons either.

Anyway, today Ranjith (our auditor) presented us with our financial results for the second year.

It is nothing much but we were so happy and a little proud of our little CDU enterprise. I’ve seen enough of these for other big companies but when it is your own signature which goes beneath it.

Wow! It feels wonderful!


One thought on “CDU Accounts

  1. as I am commenting on this post, props on your business. It’s hard work turning a profit (or even not tanking too severely).

    I was looking at your site just as you commented on mine. I was mildly impressed by the blog, but then I went to itself, which is spot-on design. People bitch about frames, but they are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the graphics – the black and white vs. color landscape is very Wizard of Oz.

    I’m launching an IT Mag for Wijeya Newspapers (Sunday Times/Mirror) and I’d love to bounce some ideas of you. Drop me a line at

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