The Internet is down

Oops! It only takes a day to realize that how much we missed it when the net goes down.

The SEA-ME-WE III Optic Fiber Cable which connects Sri Lanka (SLT) to the rest of the world has broken due to some Indian ship anchor accident.

We are sort of completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Still worse all of our ISPs interconnet through US and Japan so even the local DNS lookups doesn’t work well.

One good thing due to this scandal is (no ship was allowed to anchor there) I guess that our ISPs are now trying to set up DNS locally so that at least locally hosted domains will resolve locally. It shows when some domains outside SLT domain are now resolving like,, my company’s website and so on.

Still no www, no mails, no google means no life situation.

Authorities say it will take days before they repair it. Horrible.

NB: This is posted lately. Only today (26.08.04) we got some connection back.


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