I’ve been reading this guy for years. Namely Chris Pirillo.

Once when I was alien to the net, hungry for information, trying to figure out things, looking for new ways, new tools for my work. He did speak to the occation. Soon I subscribed to his Windows Daily Nestletter. Had been a long way. The year was 1997 I guess.

Later he formed a company around it and now runs so many information distribution channels that I lost the count. Lockergnome had been a good resource for my knowledge starvation.

He kept sending me all the upto date IT stuff, trends, software, issues, technology, you name it, on daily basis for nothing. He still does.

So, if anyone, looking for information, you new wiz kids having the potential to be another Bill Gates, this is somewhere you can begin with. Go, give it a try. He’s worth it.

Thanks Chris, thanks Lockergnome!


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