The Day After Tomorrow

It is nice to see that our theaters too now showing the latest movies simultaneously with their US counterparts. Good move because we always got perished our movie taste watching those crappy camera copies of must watch movies. When there is a hype nobody will wait years for them to come to the theaters but watch the very first copy they get. I wouldn’t mind the DVD version but nothing beats the real theatrical experience. Glad now we got some chance.

Thanks Savoy, but you people have to clean up the air of the theater. Though I had a nice compay to compensate, it’s SMELLY. eeyak!

The story is not that compelling (to me) but the flow of the movie and the topic is good. One or two times you can see the water is poured into a model but rest of the Digital Reality Creation was awesome, enormous and real. Best I have seen in years. I know some great creativity has gone into the movie. I would love to learn the tricks to make them too.

Make a note, this is a must see one!


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