Windows, ClearType and XP SP2

Everybody(?) is waiting till Microsoft releases this critical security update to their flagship product Windows XP.

I’v been using Windows since version 3.1 and I know it took many years for them to got their basic product right when they released Windows 2000 Pro.

Everybody was blaimig Gates and the company for everything but I think that is their success what everybody was envy at. None of my business though, I respect what they’ve done to the computer industry making them affordable and widespread. I couln’t have afford my life if I were to rely on Mac OS and their nice but pricy hardware.

Honestly I do like Windows. Don’t get me wrong (you Mac and other OS falks) it is the most flexible OS when it comes to the installed software base. They are aplenty, cheap, no frills and whistles but does what they supposed to do. I have used Apple Macintoshes for nearly 2.5 years but I got fed up finding the right software for my work. Period.

When Windows XP debuted with ClearType on it is the best thing that happened to the Windows world since the colour monitor. Granted that there were no security issues.

But Windows has always been the most common target for all those viruses, exploits, malware, spyware like malicious codes of evey kind.

I have given up using IE and switched to Opera long since and learned to keep my PC out of trouble but it still takes an awful lot of my time to keep it that way anyway.

If you are still using Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Then, with this service pack release, you are quickly running out of reasons not to upgrade. XP already offers improved memory management and stability over Win98. XP is inherently better for handling video, audio and photos, than either predecessor. Despite the bad press Microsoft gets on a regular basis, XP is more secure than previous versions of Windows, even before this release. XP SP2, tightens the security belt and offers an intuitively unified security experience. But I’d sold to XP long before for the simple reason of having ClearType.

So I hope this time Microsoft will make my life easier with this more of a security update to Windows XP as Service Pack 2 goes Gold from today.

Good Luck you Windows falks!


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