My Career

When I looked back at my career I see that they were mostly walked in interviews. I went in, my work did the talking and I guess I did market myself well enough so people did hire me.

The places I’ve been were awesome. Everything was a learning. Here’s the list.

  • Central Finance Co Ltd – (Financial Institute)
  • Lanka Medical Imports – (Pharmaceutical firm )
  • Arpico Group – (They make every household thing)
  • Computer Island – (Computer firm)
  • DataOne – (Infomation statistics firm)
  • Advatage Sri Lanka – (Advertising firm)
  • Web Syndicate – (Web development firm)
  • Aqucomp -(Web development firm)

    and currently
  • Interblocks Ltd – (Software development firm)

Wow! They were all wonderful places. So many lovey people I met. So here I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all those people who helped me to be who I am. From Suminda to Patrik, from my uncle to the parents, the list is endless.

Thank You All!


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