Is Palm OS Going Obsolete?

Last month Palm Source got it’s biggest blow in recent years when SONY anounced pulling off their CLIE handheld division.

I am hurt too because I initially jot down all there writings with my much loved SONY CLIE SJ33 handheld. SONY has made this device capable of competing with industry mammoths like Microsoft and HP single handedly while Palm Inc was sleeping.

And now they are out of the game. Palm devices too will soon be pushed into industry’s niche place where Apple now resides compairing to Microsoft’s Wintel group.

They still may have a few cards in their hands like Treo 600 and T3 line up. They are good products but late entries.

Palm OS

I love their OS. Instantly on, can leave where you stop, good battery life, never have to SAVE anything. Anyway without SONY I wouldn’t buy another Palm device. Now I doubt if SONY will ever release a GSM Palm OS device since they got Symbian on their Sony Ericsson stake.

It all comes to a point most of Palm users like me will go for a Pocket PC or Symbian device in their next round of upgrade.

Hurt? Palm? Anyone?


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