SONY Trinitron Monitors

I’ve been using computers for years. Began using it with a 12″ monocrhome screen which I don’t even remember the brand. Had a Viewsonic 21″ one in my early office. It was a from thier Professional series but made my eye painful. Too bright and when you set the brightness low the colours were not right. So I have never found another alternate monitor as good as SONY Trinitron range when it comes to monitors.

Soothing to eyes, Eastmen Kodak colours and two horizontal lines are unique to them. It’s a sheer joy to stare at them considering the fact that we nearly spend 6-7 hours a day infront of them. Had been using 17″ flat one upto now,

Today I got this 21 inch beauty which are originally made for Sun servers. Simply fabulous!


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