My love affair with g adgets…

Gadgets. I don’t know when I exctly fell in love with these nifty pieces. They are smarter than my last generation ever would have’ve imagined. Have redefined my life that I don’t know what I would be doing without them.

Starting from my little overhead torch. My Sony CLIE, Digital camera, Nokia GSM phone, SingmaTel IR/USB Flash device, Wacom Graphics Tablet, LG DVD FM tuner System, even the way they use the hundred years old technology in my TVS ScootyPep.. The list is long…

This might have started back then at my childhood. We had a little transistor radio gift from my uncle, made by Mutsushita bearing the name National. It was tiny even today’s standards. Whoa.. It’s a obsession I can never get over with. Spending a fortune sometimes, It is a marvel that how far these nifty pieces have come…

I wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes in the next round…


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